Over 9,000 square feet of air conditioned facility.

Large inflatables for children of all ages and a toddler zone for the little one.

Walk-in anytime and jump as long as you want.

Family environment, clean, fun and safe.

Great place for birthday parties with private rooms and exceptional customer service.

Great exercise for your children and adults too.

Group discount for schools and daycare centers and fundraisers. Please call 714-787-4994 for more information.


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Extreme Rush
Extreme Rush inflatable is a challenging, twisting and bending maze with ascending levels of slides and challenges. Challengers enter through the portal and rush through vertical and horizontal obstacles on their way to the first slide. Once at the rear of the course, it’s a race to the finish through more upright obstacles leading to a ten-foot wall climb and slide.
Velcro Wall
Ever wondered what it would be like to stick to a wall like insects do? Well, now you can with the Velcro Wall. This inflatable amusement is 12 feet tall with a 19 foot runway to run, jump and stick yourself to the wall. Whoever said “what goes up must come down” never played on a Velcro Wall. Feel free to be creative in your approach to the Velcro Wall for more sticking fun. Spread your arms and legs, spin, turn, run, hop, flip and jump your way into any position you desire.
Climb the Ladder
Climb the Ladder
Try if you can to Climb the Ladder. Also known as Jacobs Ladder Inflatable at carnival game booths, this inflatable is a challenging to test your balancing skills. Challenge your party to keep their weight balanced as they race to the top of the ladder climb. Climb the Ladder is a fun game for large family gatherings.
Fun Pink Castle Combo
Princess Castle
Fun Pink Castle is for all the beautiful princesses out there. When a bounce house is already tons of fun, adding a slide to go alongside it can only make for even more fun. With the Fun Pink Castle Combo, little princesses everywhere can have their own castle to enjoy and celebrate events in. This combo ride has a 10’x10′ bounce house, a basketball hoop and a 7.5 foot tall wall climb and slide. Even exercise is fun inside the Princess Castle.
Fire Truck Combo
A red fire truck for all the brave little fireman out there, this red, fire-truck is a combination ride including a bouncing area, obstacles and a climb and slide exit. Participants can enter the Fire Truck Combo at the side and enjoy some quality bouncing before heading through the obstacles and up and down the slide.
Inflatable Zoo
For the little toddler we have Inflatable Zoo for fun and interaction. Complete with a lion, giraffe, panda, hippo, and an elephant slide. They can bounce and slide down the elephant. The inflatable animals at this zoo are friendly and fun and sure to put a smile on their face.
Prince & Princess Throne
Prince and Princess's throne
Toddler Zone